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From Pastor Al - August 2, 2017

08.02.17 | Newsletters | by Al Hester | Series From Pastor Al

    From the Word…

    I don’t know why I have never noticed this but in Romans 5:1-11 there is a TRIPLE cause for rejoicing! Another way to put it is that these verses contain three powerful weapons to help us in our battle for daily joy!

    • Weapon #1 – The promise of heaven! Verse 2 says, “we rejoice in hope of the glory of God”. This speaks of the glory of heaven. Let the hope of heaven bring a bit of heaven into your heart today.
    • Weapon #2 – The promise of growth! Verse 3 speaks of rejoicing in our sufferings knowing that they cause us to grow more and more like Jesus. Those lessons may be tough, but they are more than worth it!
    • Weapon #3 – The promise of God! – Verse 11 speaks of the joy that comes from the close personal relationship we have with God through His Son Jesus. Wrestling with joy today? Get as close to God as you are able, and, in faith, know He loves you!

    May God grant you success today in your battle for joy! And remember, Hill Country is about Real People! Real Joy!

    A special request.

    This coming Monday I’ll be traveling to Ukraine to be the speaker for a week-long family camp. Currently there are 104 adults signed up not counting kids. I’ve been told that several are guests who are not believers. What an awesome opportunity. I’m hoping to take $600 with me to help support three of the pastors (Andrey, Vova & Yura). Also, I’d like to take along enough for 4 camp scholarships at $60 each. Already some are helping with this. I hope a few more will want to get in on the joy, even with the smallest amount. If you want to help just use an offering envelope this Sunday at church and mark UKRAINE on the outside. THANKS!

    This Sunday… the second message in our mini-series: HEAVEN!

    The other Sunday we learned that heaven will be a very real, earthly, natural place of great beauty and perfect relationship with God and each other. Sounds great! But questions remain. Do we go to heaven immediately upon death or is there a waiting period? What will we look like? Will we remember the past? Will our pets join us? And what in the world will we do forever? This Sunday we will look at those and other questions. See you then.

    Praise & Prayer…

    • Pray for Pattie Franklin who fell last week. She is doing ok but is sore.
    • Please continue to pray for Butch recovering from a broken leg.
    • Continue to pray for Adena Wildman as she undergoes chemo. She writes that she is feeling ok after her first treatment.
    • Pray for Sarolly. She is struggling with her illness (RSD) and may need surgery.
    • Continue to pray for Josh Hatch on deployment and for his family here at home.
    • Please continue to pray for Rolando as he pursues asylum here in the States.
    • Pray for Nel Dalman who continues to struggle with lack of energy due to a problem with her red blood cells. And for Ed who twisted his right knee last week. He is doing ok but could use your prayers.
    • Pray for Donna Mae as she prepares to move to Kentucky to be with family.
    • Pray for Dr. Sam with Hopegivers in India. His court case is coming up (again) on August 7th.
    • Our missionaries… Dave and Patsy Alfors / Dave and Janet Miles / Dan and Kathy Stowell / Randy & Adena Wildman / Dr Sam with Hopegivers / Tom & Pam Wolski / Rhett & Stacy Stous / Matthew & Jessica Preece.

    My Prayer this week for Hill Country…

    Oh Lord, may Hill Country reflect your absolute total JOY! May we see life more and more through your eyes and therefore know that, one day, the victory of all that is good and right will be total and final!



    In His Grace, 

    Pastor Al