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From Pastor Al - February 7, 2018

02.07.18 | Newsletters | by Al Hester | Series From Pastor Al

    Top items…

    • Update on Elder Nomination… So far two individuals have been nominated, one has agreed to let his name stand while the other is praying about it. Nominations will remain open through this Sunday. There is no need to nominate current elders.
    • Pray & Invite Sunday! February 25th – the beginning of the “depression” sermon series. The #1-way people come to church and then to Christ is by someone caring enough to pray for them and invite them. Here is how…
      • Choose someone you would like to see coming to Hill Country
      • Tell Pastor Al so he can be praying along with you. (So far 14 from Hill Country have given me names)
      • Think of how and when you will invite them (a week or two before you would like to see them come)
      • Invite them and see what God will do.
    • Question! Are you an evangelist? No, I don’t mean like Billy Graham, but do you have a heart to share the gospel? Is it on your mind on a regular basis? Do you want to sharpen your skills in communicating it to others? If so then you, like Philip (Acts 21:8) might have a gift for evangelism. If so I and the elders would love to chat with you and find ways to support you in your gift.
    • Preaching Series
      • Current: The Reality, Justice and Motivation of Hell - February 4th, 11th, 18th
      • Upcoming: Getting a Handle on Depression – Did you know that King David would get depressed? How did he handle it? Know anyone who wrestles with depression, theirs or someone else’s? Invite them beginning February 25th.

    From the Word…

    I’ve been talking a lot about joy! Joy in Jesus, Joy in the Journey! Great in theory, but what does it look like in reality? How does one infuse oneself with a spirit of joy? The answer is that you use the JOY TOOLS God has made available to us…

    • The Bible – Psalm 1:2 “his delight is in the law of the LORD”
    • Prayer – John 16:24 “Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full”
    • Trials – James 1:2 “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds”
    • Godly friends – Philippians 4:1 “my brother, whom I love and long for, my joy and crown”

    These and other tools are available to us every day to help us fight the battle of faith and joy and hope even in the face of the biggest challenges.

    This Sunday…

    • The Serious Topic of Hell #2 – The Justice of Hell – Matthew 25:46
    • Equip classes: 5:00pm at church! Come and Grow!

    Praise & Prayer…

    • Praise…
    • That Elisa’s surgery to remove some skin cancer went well.
    • The latest news we have from India regarding Dr. Sam and Hopegivers is good. The judge came down hard on the attorneys for the government who did not show up. The next court date is February 14th.
    • Pray…
    • For Rick Thorson. His back surgery is scheduled for February 14th.
    • For Sarah Shine, Kevin & Kristi’s daughter, who has a 2.5 cm mass. Pray it will be benign.
    • For Rolando to receive asylum and a work permit. He needs to hire an attorney (cost about $300/mo)
    • For Ebraim, a young man in Iran imprisoned for his faith.
    • For those with ongoing health concerns: Nel, Nancy, Sarolly, and others.
    • Our missionaries… Dave and Patsy Alfors / Dave and Janet Miles / Dan and Kathy Stowell / Randy & Adena Wildman / Dr Sam with Hopegivers / Tom & Pam Wolski / Rhett & Stacy Stous / Matthew & Jessica Preece.


    In His Grace, 

    Pastor Al