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From Pastor Al - March 28, 2018

03.28.18 | Newsletters | by Al Hester | Series From Pastor Al

    Good Friday and Easter!

    • Once a year Christians around the world set aside one week to remember the cross and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. One the first Sunday we remember His entrance into Jerusalem on a donkey (Palm Sunday). One Friday we remember the saddest event in all history, the crucifixion. And then on the second Sunday we REJOICE together as we remember together the most wonderful event of all history, the resurrection of Jesus! He died for us that we might live in Him! I invite you to make this Friday and Sunday special.
    • Good Friday Service – this Friday, 7:00-8:00pm at church. We will gather round a cross and remember His last words. We will also celebrate communion.
    • This Sunday – EASTER! Prepare your heart for resurrection joy – read Matthew 28:1-10. Come enjoy our kids as they put on an Easter skit for us. The sermon will focus on resurrection courage! We will not be having communion on this Sunday. Instead we will celebrate the resurrection.

    From the Word…

    Jesus could be so heartless! One day Jesus walked up to a widow who was in process of burying her only son. And what did Jesus say to her? Did He comfort her? Did He in any way offer her hope? Did He tell her what He was about to do? No! He just gave her a command! Seriously, a command! He said, “Stop crying! WHAT? Are you serious? That is the last thing anyone with half a heart would say to a grieving widow! But that is what He said! In Jesus’ defense the Scriptures say that He felt compassion for her and so I imagine He uttered the command in a tone of voice that caused her to wonder what He was about to do. But still, that seems sort of, well, cold. Now if you or I said that to someone grieving it would be truly cold. But Jesus knew what He was about to do. He knew that He had good planned for the widow. He knew that everything would be alright. He knew her future – and it was good! And He knows our future, and it is good. Are you crying? Hang in there, God’s future for you is good.

    This Sunday…

    • Sermon – Don’t be Afraid!! Matthew 28:1-10
    • Spring Equip classes will start in April – stay tuned for details.