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From Pastor Al - October 11, 2017

10.11.17 | Newsletters | by Al Hester | Series From Pastor Al

    Top items…


    • NEW EQUIP CLASSES – Beginning October 29th: You have a choice of two classes: Forgiving God’s Way (by Tom Edelen) OR Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be (by Al Hester) Sign-up by using the tear-off slip in the Equip Class bulletin insert this Sunday.


    • NEW BULLETIN LOOK – We have designed a new bulletin look. You can tear it in half to save the sermon notes. You can read the inside left half to be encouraged toward read joy. You can also see whatever EXTRA is happening that Sunday. AND, right under the sermon notes, there is a tear-off response slip for prayer requests, comments, questions, etc. On the back page the stats have been made easier to understand and the GO & GROW table gives an “at a glance” view of all upcoming events and opportunities. Hope you like it!


    • THIS SATURDAY – Men’s Breakfast, 8:00am at the home of Justin & Sarah Hardin.


    • OCTOBER 21 the elders of Hill Country will be meeting for our quarterly all day retreat. We will be considering next steps for our church. Feel free to share any questions or thoughts you might have with either David or Gary or Tom or Al.


    From the Word…

    Jesus was the master of the indirect answer! People would ask Him a question and He would appear to give an unrelated answer. That is certainly true in The Gospel of John chapter 7. Jesus was at a huge Jewish celebration teaching the people. Many of them were wondering how Jesus, who wasn’t educated in the formal sense, could have such learning. He answered them, “if anyone’s will is to do God’s will, he will know whether the teaching is from God or whether I am speaking on my own authority”. You see, Jesus knew they were questioning His authority and He gave them an answer that would direct them to the only real way they could know for sure that Jesus was from God – namely, an attitude of obedience to God. If we have a willingness to obey God then we will come to have confidence in Jesus. Down deep inside everyone believes in God, the only question is whether or not we have a humble attitude of obedience to Him. Happy obeying!

    This Sunday…

    • SERMON: Joseph: A Life Well Lived #3 – INTEGRITY! Joseph was a man of integrity! Integrity is bigger than just pointing out to the cashier that they under-charged you. It speaks of a life that is God magnetized: IE every part of one’s life is God directed and operating together towards godly goals. Seen in this light integrity is a lifelong pursuit!

    Praise & Prayer…

    • Thanks for praying for Donna Furrh. Her chronic fatigue has a solution!!!
    • Pray for the parents of Mike Emmons who lost their home to the Santa Rosa fire.
    • Pray especially for Dr. Sam in India. There has been some retaliation against some of the pastors there.
    • Continue to pray for Nel. The chemo appears to be working but it is difficult.
    • Pray for Rolando. He has an asylum hearing coming up on October 24th.
    • Please pray for me (Al) as I am in process of possibly becoming the chaplain for the Lakeside Fire District. I’m still waiting to hear.
    • We praise God that Tony Ulrich’s hand is fully healed. Now let’s pray him into a JOB!
    • Our missionaries… Dave and Patsy Alfors / Dave and Janet Miles / Dan and Kathy Stowell / Randy & Adena Wildman / Dr Sam with Hopegivers / Tom & Pam Wolski / Rhett & Stacy Stous / Matthew & Jessica Preece.


    In His Grace, 

    Pastor Al